Super Low Carb Keto Bread

This keto-bread is also gluten-free. A typical loaf only has 40g carbs and yields 20 slices. It only has 2g carbs per slice, -2g net carbs, if you use that metric! On top of that, it’s VERY easy to make!

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Amazon Prime in The Netherlands: Is it worth your money?

A few months after introducing Amazon Prime to Dutch customers, they now also made Amazon Prime Video available. For €49 per year, Dutch customers pay no shipping on select products, get notified 30 minutes earlier for Prime discounts and get access to Prime Photo, Prime Video and Twitch Prime. But is it worth your money?

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Review: Lifesum for iOS

Lifesum is a Swedish app that helps you lose weight by giving instant feedback on your food choices. After gaining 40 kg in the course of three years, I now feel confident that I can become myself again.

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My Netflix Queue

Star Trek: The Next Generation