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Welcome, to my own little corner of the Internet!

I’ve been online since I was a senior in high school in 1996. This was the time when Internet services were made available to the public in The Netherlands. People had to visit a ‘Internet Café’ where they could buy time online. As a result, the world-wide web was only for geeks and nerds.

In 1999 I moved to the regional capital city to study German Language and Culture because I wanted to become a professional translator. I took classes in Medieval Studies and Cultural History. During the nights I spent hours on the W3C Schools website teaching myself html and CSS. I made my first hand-coded website hosted on a home server run by a nerdy friend using Notepad and Netscape Navigator.

At the end of my freshman year I discovered that I am more a STEM person than I am an Arts person. When I was in primary school in a very rural part of the country, STEM was considered to be for boys and languages, administration and communication skills were for girls. As much as I tried to fit the mold, it didn’t work for me.

I changed to the more science oriented field of cognitive psychology. At my faculty, the motto was ‘Measurement is knowledge’. When you want to know how things work, you need to be able to measure it. Cognitive psychology relies heavily on the fields of biology and neurology. Later on, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science were added in as well. I loved it!

I studied part-time to finance my educational aspirations while also working as an aide to the elderly. I graduated towards the end of 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Bsc).

After I finished my studies, I started working as a self-employed WordPress and multimedia consultant for several years. It was an interesting experience that taught me that I’m not an entrepreneur. Although I liked helping people (mostly small companies and non-profits) to join the 29% of the web with a good content management system, upgrading them from decade old hand-coded static sites, it came with a lot of administrative responsibilities, miles of red tape with the ever-changing legal requirements.

In 2017, I got hired by small non-profit that specialises in media. We make documentaries and reports with television quality. I still do some IT work, both on-site support and website/webserver maintenance, but as a Community Manager, my focus now lies on Social Media, Newsletter Marketing and multimedia editing. As a result, I now have the time and space to pick up my blogging hobby again!

What is this about?

I am blogging and using WordPress since 2009. Back then, I started a blog on a free WordPress site called ‘The World According to Taquoriaan’. The topics were the same ones I’m writing about now, but I changed the blog’s name because it sounded like it was about me and for English speaking people it was too hard to remember. Most of the database was destroyed when I tinkered too much with the site after moving to self-hosted WordPress and figuring it all out. So I am starting fresh again with Donuts and Dragons.

I write about a variety of topics: I am a big sci-fi and fantasy fan, and an avid gamer. My favourite writers are J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Brooks and David Eddings. With my background in medieval studies I find myself leaning towards high fantasy when reading. When I consume movies and TV shows, I usually prefer watching science fiction. The new Battlestar Galactica is the best TV series of the early 2000s in my mind. I also love Star Trek, with Deep Space Nine as my favourite show, Babylon 5 and of course everything Star Wars in cinema.

This also reflects in my favourite online games. I play The Lord of the Rings Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2. Recently, I also dipped my toes into Black Desert Online.

When I’m not in front of a screen, I love to cook. I love to spoil my guests with yummy treats and use them as guinea pigs for my latest baking experiments. When I am not having people over, I try out new things for my daily meals. I am trying to move to a more vegan diet to reduce my carbon footprint, posting the recipes I discover in the process.

As a practising European Roman Catholic I might (very) occasionally write about how my faith informs my choices, but I intentionally keep it light. I’m not here to convert anyone. My motto is always, as St. Pauls says in Romans 14:5, “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.”


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