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Welcome, to my own little corner of the Internet!

I’ve been online since I was a senior in high school in 1996. This was the time when Internet services were made available to the public in The Netherlands. People had to visit a ‘Internet Café’ where they could buy time online. As a result, the world-wide web was only for geeks and nerds.

In 1999 I moved to the regional capital city to study German Language and Culture because I wanted to become a professional translator. I took classes in Medieval Studies and Cultural History. During the nights I spent hours on the W3C Schools website teaching myself html and CSS. I made my first hand-coded website hosted on a home server run by a nerdy friend using Notepad and Netscape Navigator.

At the end of my freshman year I discovered that although I am fascinated by medieval literature and culture, I love the Arts, but I am very bad at grammar and syntax. This gets problematic when you want to be a translator, so I changed my vocation to the Humanities, studying Psychology with a specialisation in cognitive psychology. How do we use language to understand and record our world?

I studied part-time to finance my educational aspirations while also working as an aide to the elderly. I graduated towards the end of 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Bsc).

After I finished my studies, I started working as a self-employed WordPress and multimedia consultant for several years. It was an interesting experience that taught me that I’m not an entrepreneur. Although I liked helping people (mostly small companies and non-profits) to join the 29% of the web with a good content management system, upgrading them from decade old hand-coded static sites, it came with a lot of administrative responsibilities, miles of red tape with the ever-changing legal requirements.

In 2017, I got hired by small non-profit that specialises in online communication. I love my current job as an Office Manager and Production Assistant. I now have the time and space to pick up my blogging hobby again!

What is this about?

I am blogging and using WordPress since 2009. I write about a variety of topics: I am a big sci-fi and fantasy fan, and an avid gamer. My favourite writers are J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Raymond E. Feist, Terry Brooks and David Eddings. With my background in medieval studies I find myself leaning towards high fantasy when reading. When I consume movies and TV shows, I usually prefer watching science fiction stuff. The new Battlestar Galactica is the best TV series of the early 2000s in my mind. I also love Star Trek, with Deep Space Nine as my favourite show, Babylon 5 and of course everything Star Wars in cinema.

This also reflects in my favourite online games. I play The Lord of the Rings Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.

When I’m not in front of a screen, I love to cook. I love to spoil my guests with yummy treats and use them as guinea pigs for my latest baking experiments. When I am not having people over, I try out new things for my daily meals. I am trying to move to a more vegan diet to reduce my carbon footprint, posting the recipes I discover in the process.

As a practising European Roman Catholic I might (very) occasionally write about how my faith informs my choices, but I intentionally keep it light. I sometimes see big fights between groups of Catholics at the other side of the Pond and it’s not pretty. It alienates even me. Therefore, I want to stay as far away from that as I possibly can.


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In an attempt to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), I have made a page where I list my policies.