My Business

From July 2012 until the end of January 2017 I was working as an independent contractor in digital media and offered consultancy for small businesses who wanted to convert to or start a WordPress website. Usually these businesses were charities and non-profits who relied on volunteers to run their organisation. This meant that their website’s back-end had to be very user friendly. This is why I recommend using WordPress for small businesses.

This page gives an overview of what I offered. It is for archive purposes only. My contract with my current employer contains a clause that prohibits doing work for third parties, therefore you cannot longer hire me for consultancy or projects.

Inge Loots – Internet Consultancy and Media


Get a fully operational, professional looking WordPress powered website and learn how to operate it. After my consulting, you will be able to fully run a website even if you’re not a technical person. I will show you how WordPress works, how to update your website and how to add functionality to it with plugins. To help you get you started, I can also build your first website for you. As a consultant, I don’t offer in-house webhosting or add customized code, but I can recommend hosting and developers that work best for your situation. Consulting costs for a fully operational website plus a tutorial on how to use it are € 500 and up, depending on the size and scope of the project. Contact me to get a customized offer.


Get a professional looking newsletter using MailChimp or aweber and learn some marketing strategies. I will show you the leading products in e-mail marketing and help you set up the product of your choice. Together we design your first newsletter and walk through the process of sending it. Plus, I will give you some best practices to obtain a better result. For €150 I will set up your newsletter software and integrate it to your site.

Social Media Training

Twitter and Facebook seem to be very straightforward: you enter your update and hit publish. How can you use these popular networks for your company? I will show you how to use these networks for marketing purposes and give some tips and strategies. My hourly rate is €50.


I’ve done projects for various customers in the past years. Among them were: SQPN, Inc. (United States), Trideo / Stichting SQPN (The Netherlands), Communio (The Netherlands), Rooms-Katholiek Kerkgenootschap (The Netherlands), Irmãs Oblatas Do Santíssimo Redentor (Portugal) and Biofides (Belgium).

The projects varied from building a standard WordPress website to upgrade old hand-coded sites from fine-tuning a newly set-up WordPress site and everything in between. I’ve also offered website and podcast support for SQPN Inc. and social media / video support for Stichting SQPN (for example fine-tuning the Trideo YouTube accounts and offering Dutch/English subtitles where needed). Stichting SQPN/Trideo also contact me to help them with their digital newsletter set-up through MailChimp.

Business Information

Contact form: You can contact me using the contact form at this website.